Conservative immigration policy should focus on the goal of citizenship: Tory critic

OTTAWA — Conservative immigration critic Tom Kmiec says immigration policy should be focused on the ultimate goal of citizenship.

He moderated a panel on the Conservative approach to immigration at the Canada Strong and Free Network conference in Ottawa today.

He is criticizing the sharp increase in temporary residents in Canada, as a large number of potential immigrants compete for few permanent resident opportunities. 

Instead, he says Canada should focus on integrating people into Canada on permanent basis.

Members of the panel advocated for lowering immigration levels in response to the housing crisis, but acknowledged there will be trade-offs in the labour market. 

The Liberals have also acknowledged the rapid influx of temporary residents in Canada is not sustainable, and the immigration minister has promised to set a temporary “soft cap” on the number.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published April 11, 2024.

Laura Osman, The Canadian Press