Three ways the Genesis GV60 elevates sustainable luxury

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The world of electric vehicles (EVs) continues to evolve. With more and more Canadians opting for sustainable and technologically advanced EVs over gas-powered vehicles, a few key players in the automotive industry are shifting gears to enhance their offerings, revamping generic EVs to steer luxury-car buyers their way.

Leading the way is the first-ever all-electric Genesis GV60, putting opulence in the driver’s seat to deliver a more distinguished EV experience.

Carefully crafted to elevate form alongside function, the GV60 is a luxury crossover SUV that wraps game-changing features in a sleek, stylish and sustainable package. In addition to its emission-free electric motor, the first dedicated-EV model in Genesis’s lineup (followed by the electrified G80 and upcoming GV70) uses supple plant-based “leathers” and fabrics created from recycled materials. Thoughtfully crafted to deliver an elevated sensory quality, going electric with the GV60 doesn’t mean you need to compromise on opulence.

Here are three more ways the GV60 defines a new era of exceptional EVs.

Refined design

Finding a prestige EV that’s as easy on the eyes as it is on the environment can be a challenge, but with luxury at the heart of Genesis’s design philosophy, the GV60’s premium EV experience rolls up with as much style as substance. From its streamlined coupé silhouette, spacious interior and comfortable, ergonomic seats — which employ adjustable in-seat air cells to optimize body pressure and create “zero gravity” comfort — to the futuristic floating console, exclusive custom-crafted and award-winning Bang & Olufsen speakers and next-gen ccIC (connected-car Integrated Cockpit) infotainment system, the GV60’s striking bumper-to-bumper sophistication is built into every curve, component and detail.

Innovative technology

There’s no shortage of high-tech convenience in the GV60, thanks to an array of intuitive and interactive features that connect driver and vehicle in exciting new ways. Its intelligent mobility includes facial-recognition technology that unlocks the vehicle and fingerprint authentication to start up. The head-up display (HUD), seating system and tailgate-opening height are all fully customizable, as is the GV60’s e-ASD (electric active-sound design), which creates virtual driving sounds that change based on speed, drive mode and accelerator-pedal data. Plus, wireless software updates — for everything from the infotainment system to the brakes, suspension, airbags and more — ensure seamless upkeep and frictionless ownership experiences.

Advanced driver assistance technology also provides a host of cutting-edge safety features, as well as a smart-parking assist feature that can be controlled from inside or outside of the vehicle.

Performance enhanced

Whether commuting to the office or escaping for a weekend getaway, the GV60 offers drivers a quiet, luxurious ride without sacrificing any of the power and reliability of its combustion-engine counterparts. With a 320kW electric motor and a 77.4kWh lithium-ion high-voltage battery under the hood, the performance-trim GV60 delivers 429 horsepower and 446 lb.-ft. of torque, with the built-in Boost Mode tacking on an additional 54 horsepower and 70 lb.-ft of torque for 10 seconds to amp up the driving excitement factor. Plus, its electronic limited-slip differential helps ensure traction during spirited cornering or slippery conditions.

Charging the GV60 is also a snap: its multi-charging system is compatible with an assortment of connections and chargers, giving drivers plenty of options at home and on the road when the battery power — which provides a driving range of up to 399 km fully charged — starts to dip. The ultra-speed function also boosts the battery from 10 per cent to 80 per cent in just 18 minutes, meaning less time plugged in and more time hitting the open road.

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