8 smart home devices on sale for Amazon Prime Day

Do you want to turn your house into a den full of smart technology that’s easy and fun to use? Look no further, Prime Day is here!

From Ring doorbells to smart TVs and whole home Wi-Fi, Amazon has a whole suite of smart home products that will transform your home into one connected piece of advanced tech. Our list has everything you need to make your life a lot easier.

You can get all the items on our list shipped to your door in 24 hours if you’re an Amazon Prime member. You can join or start a 30-day free trial to start your shopping today.

Original price: $79.99

An Amazon smart thermostat helps you reduce your energy usage and automatically connects to Alexa. You can use an app or voice control to raise or lower your thermostat, even when you’re away from home.  

Original price: $259.99

Blink Outdoor 4 is Amazon’s fourth generation wire-free smart security camera that connects to your smartphone and Alexa devices. You can install these cameras throughout your property, inside and out, for full protection. Plus, their small design is much more appealing than clunky, large security cameras that are difficult to install.

Original price: $29.99

Echo Glow is a smart lamp that does more than just light your room. You can create lighting cures when setting a timer or alarm, and you can create and choose your own lighting while gaming, watching TV or listening to music. You can control Echo Glow from any Alexa device. 

Original price: $369.99

Smart Amazon Fire TVs can be controlled through an Alexa voice remote, making TV watching easier than ever. The high-definition screen makes your shows crystal clear, and all your favorite streaming apps are easy to download without the need for a Fire Stick. And get more content through Amazon’s channels, on sale now for up to 50% on hit movies. During this sale, Prime members can get two months of select Prime Video Channels for just $0.99 per month. 

Original price: $59.99

A Blink video doorbell provides security and is one of the easiest smart doorbells to set up. Get videos straight to your phone to see who is at your door, even when you aren’t home. Blink connects straight to Alexa so you can pre-record announcements and enable two-way talk for convenient in-home monitoring.

Original price: $149.98

To improve your home’s security, pair the Blink doorbell (included) with Blink wired floodlights and a camera that is motion activated. You can see everything that’s happening in your yard and speak to any intruders right through the camera. 

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Original price: $29.99

If you have Apple devices with Siri, you can control these smart LED strip lights with voice command. Easily put up the lights anywhere in your home and control them through your phone or voice. You can even set a timer, so the lights turn off and on when needed. 

Original price: $24.99

Amazon Smart plugs turn any outlet into a smart device. Just plug it in and plug in your coffee maker, lamps, chargers and anything else, and you can control it through Alexa.