15 Amazon finds to help you gear up for hiking season

Hiking is the perfect hobby to pick up this year. You get out into nature and you get exercise all at the same time. If you want to better prepare yourself for hiking season, these hiking gear essentials can help.

Whether you’re a beginner just hiking on local trails or an experienced hiker taking on overnight hiking trips, there’s something for everyone. You can even prepare your favorite four-legged friend to go on the adventure with you!

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For beginners

For experienced hikers

For pets

Proper footwear is a necessity when you’re hiking. These hiking boots are waterproof and low cut, yet affordable, making them perfect for hikers just starting out. You can also find women’s hiking shoes in various colors from Backcountry

You always need to bring water with you when you’re hiking, even if you’re just going for a short hike. This 40 oz water bottle has a straw built in and a paracord handle for easy carrying. It also comes with an over-the-shoulder carrying case. You can find other popular, customizable water bottles from Hydro Flask

If you want to stay comfortable during your hike, a good pair of hiking pants is ideal. These are stretchy, waterproof pants any woman will love. Alternatively, you can find men’s hiking pants from Columbia

Anything can happen when you’re hiking. A first aid kit helps make sure you’re prepared for all kinds of scrapes and scratches. This first aid kit is easily packed away in a hiking backpack. Find fun, durable first aid kits from Welly as well. 

You’ll quickly learn that a nice pair of socks helps keep your feet comfortable. These merino wool hiking socks will help keep your feet warm but will also ensure they don’t sweat on hot summer days. You can find USA-made hiking socks from brands like Darn Tough

If you plan to hike more challenging trails or hike overnight, an emergency survival shelter is a good idea to carry. This one easily rolls up and can be carried in your backpack. It’s meant for up to two people and can be put up quickly. If you’re looking for a more durable, long-lasting tent, consider one from Backcountry

For longer hikes, a hiking backpack can help you carry everything you need in one convenient place. This affordable pack is for more advanced hikers that need to carry food, water and shelter. For a hiking backpack with a built-in hydration packs, Camelbak has everything you need. 

More challenging terrain may require hiking poles to help you keep up momentum and get over more difficult areas. These professional-grade hiking poles are perfect for all seasons and are collapsible for when you don’t need to use them. For more hiking pole options, check out Backcountry

If you’re hiking in a new area and find yourself out of water, you should take caution when drinking from streams or lakes. These purification tablets can help make the water safe to drink and are a must-have for every hiker. You can also pick up water purifaction tablets from Walmart

For overnight trips, a hefty sleeping bag can keep you warm and dry, no matter where you are. This sleeping bag is affordable, lightweight and has a drawstring hood for maximum comfort. You can find more high-tech sleeping backs through camping giant, Coleman

Just like you need water on a hike, so does your dog. This collapsible bowl can be attached to your hiking pack or belt and is easy to clean in between hikes. Ruffwear also has its own line of durable collapsible dog dishes. 

If your dog cuts their paw or gets ticks on them, this pet first aid kit gives you everything you need to take care of the problem. For more pet first aid kit options and all your other pet needs, consider visiting Chewy

You can make hiking easier by attaching your pup to your waste rather than holding a leash. Simply strap the hands-free leash to your waist and attach the other end to your dog’s collar. Plus, there’s a zipper pouch to keep your phone, dog bag and car keys. You can find all your dog leash needs on Chewy

If you want your dog to carry their own belongings, a dog backpack acts as a harness and easily wearable, just like your hiking pack is. There’s even a spot for a water bottle. For highly durable dog backpacks, Ruffwear has options for every dog owner. 

To keep your dog safe, a light-up dog collar provides a bright light that cars, hunters or other hikers can see from miles away. For more light-up dog collar options, visit Walmart

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