Montreal MP Anthony Housefather to remain in Liberal caucus despite anger over motion

OTTAWA — Montreal MP Anthony Housefather says he will remain in the Liberal caucus despite the intense anger he still feels about a motion passed by the House of Commons last month.

Housefather has been reflecting on his next steps since the NDP-sponsored motion on the Israel-Hamas war passed with significant Liberal amendments on March 18.

He says in a statement today that the motion was a blow to him and many in the Jewish community who have been subjected to a wave of antisemitism over the last five months.

But he says after hearing from thousands of constituents and others about whether to walk away from the party, he has determined that his “core values” remain Liberal ones.

He says he can best serve Canadians by advocating for a “centrist classical Liberal party” that defends the Charter, is fiscally prudent and has a “principled” foreign policy.

Housefather says he had several “long and important” conversations with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the last couple of days about federal actions that must immediately be taken to tackle antisemitism.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published April 5, 2024.

The Canadian Press