Huron OPP Refuse To Do Job & Call To Vigilantism Caught On Video – Hamm Grilled In Lobby


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(Huron, Ontario) A contractor fighting cancer who had his bulldozer stolen while going through cancer treatments went to the OPP a month and a half ago for help. The OPP stated that since he didn’t have an “ownership” for it like road licensed road vehicles, there is nothing they will do about it. 

The OPP erroneously believe that construction equipment has the same type of ownership as an automobile. The OPP are asking for something that doesn’t exist, and are refusing to do their job until this fictional non-existent document is produced.

The Contractor rented the equipment to the accused for 2 weeks. The accused took the bulldozer to his property, posted no trespassing signs up and refused to allow the Contractor to get his property.

Brent Mills, the contractor, reached out for help. Below is a portion of the video proving the OPP’s ignorance regarding “ownerships”.

Below is part of what transpired on Monday.

OPP Refuse to do anything regarding theft of construction equipment.