Gold/Silver Scammers From Quebec Hit Small Ontario Towns & Take Advantage Of Uniformed


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(North Huron, On) Before you sell your gold or silver to an out-of-town scammer check the prices at a trusted site such as for up-to-date gold and silver prices. Email Dollarcrawler to get a Free Estimate of your silver and gold from the safety your own home.

Recently a famous numismatist went undercover as a vagrant and attended several of these one day only, fly-by-night, flyer-dumping scammers. He asked the scammer/dealer how a regular person could even find out the price of gold. The response was that it wasn’t even possible for a member of the public to find out this information for free, and you had to be a member of the gold guild.

Victims were duped into selling silver as low as 25% of spot/market price.

To protect yourself from losing thousands of dollars to a scammer, ask a few questions, get a free estimate and only deal with well established businesses.